What it’s like to be Homecoming Queen!

Queen for a day


Imani Sykes, Staff Writer

During your teenage years, you are prone to try and accomplish different goals. People usually describe their senior year as being one of the most memorable years that they’ll experience during their youth. Usually when someone describes their senior year, they describe it as being exhilarating, enjoyable, stressful, unpredictable, and beneficial. Luckily, I can say that senior year, so far, has been an enlightening experience. For example, before senior year began, I told myself that I would go outside of my comfort zone and do something extraordinary. As homecoming week approached, I thought of the brilliant idea to run for homecoming queen. “Why not,” I thought,  I had nothing to lose. When they announced nominations and I was one of the finalists, I’d have to say that the word shocked could easily describe my initial reaction. I was obviously eager to win, and because of this, I told every senior that I knew to vote for me. As the clock counted down and homecoming got closer, my nerves were getting even more intense. When the moment arrived and I was announced homecoming queen of 2018, the word excitement would be an understatement as to what I was feeling that day. I experienced such an adrenaline rush when my name was called during the assembly. I also have to say that I was quite nervous, because I had to walk around the entire gym while the whole school was staring at me. Also, note that I was given a crown that I had to balance on my head while walking. After the assembly, I was a part of the homecoming parade, which in my opinion was the most exciting part throughout my journey of being homecoming queen. Later that day I was announced at the varsity football game, and walked onto the field with both of my parents which I also thought was an exciting moment that I got to experience with my parents. Lastly, the homecoming dance was also a lot of fun, and I’m glad that I got to experience my last homecoming dance surrounded by close friends and of course being able to wear a crown the whole night. Yes, being able to wear a crown and be apart of the parade was a moment in my life which I’ll always cherish, but becoming homecoming queen taught me a major life lesson in the process, which was that it’s okay to expose yourself to new things. It also taught me that you should always try to step out of your comfort zone so you can attempt  to accomplish new and upcoming goals. This can easily be rated my number one moment that I’ve experienced throughout high school!


A.K.A  (2018 Homecoming Queen)