We are Mustang Football!

Imani Sykes, Staff Writer

Over the lengthy labor day weekend, Mustang Nation unfortunately wasn’t able to witness another uplifting victory from the Evergreen Park Varsity Football team due to bad weather conditions. The Evergreen Park football team was expected to play CICS Longwood High School this past Friday, but the game suffered a 45 minute delay due to the other team arriving severely late. Because of the delay and the bad weather conditions, the game was cancelled and the Mustangs received a forfeit creating another win for them. On the bright side, the varsity football team has had an astonishing season so far with the record of 2-0. The Mustangs played an intense game against Leo High School on August 24th. With high tensions between both teams, the Mustangs’ fans were guaranteed to witness an intense game. The Mustangs instantly led the game with an incredible touchdown by wide receiver Vince Marzano. Towards the end of the game, the score was 12-12 with one minute left. Miraculously, Karlton Karpenter scored the winning touchdown with one minute left. This was a great way to begin our football season for our varsity football team and an exciting win for our Mustang nation. Varsity football captain, Jamal Brothers, passionately expressed the “brotherly bond” that the boys within the team portray towards one another. This can easily be proven by their motivating chant that happens before each game. Lastly, the Mustang football team has given a warm welcome to new coach staff members Coach Pierce and Coach Arbro. All E.P football teams are expected to play tough opponent Richards High School this Friday Night at 7:30. GO MUSTANGS!

Vern Estes