Hottest Fashion Trends of the 2022 Homecoming Season

Dress Edition

Rosebud Summers, Contributing Staff Writer

With our 2022 Homecoming Dance right around the corner, many people are running to the malls, outlets, and even thrift stores to find that perfect dress. For all you dress-wearers out there, I present 3 super cute fashion trends to keep in mind when shopping for your dance ‘fit.

First off, the color: Barbiecore Pink! The Barbiecore trend was inspired by the premiere of Valentino’s fall 2022 collection. Many celebrities have shown off their love for pink, including Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Lizzo, and more! From hot pink, to magenta, to a light bubblegum; any monochromatic masterpiece is sure to make you stand out and steal the spotlight.

Next, the material: sequins, sequins, sequins! From an accent to completely covered, sparkling sequins are the perfect addition to any look!

And finally, the cut of the dress: thin straps and mini dresses. Whether it’s one strap or two, thin is the way to go. Mini dresses may be tight or poofy, but fall above the knee.

No matter if you follow the fashion trends or start your own trend, wear your dress with confidence! Dance like nobody’s watching and have a great homecoming, Mustangs!