Teachers Teach


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smiling young teacher near the board

Julianna Black, Staff Writer

The making of great doctors, engineers, trade workers, and every other well-known profession is derived from those with the greatest job and responsibility in the world. Teachers are like the stage crew of the world, getting less credit for it than they truly deserve and disrespect through payment for all that they have done for the world to even function. Despite what most may believe teachers have, incomparably, one of the hardest and most important jobs in the world. This ranges from teaching their students the basics of life, to exposing them to the different subjects that may interest them, and to help them learn about other people and themselves. 

To start off, teachers, typically elementary ones, have to teach some of the most basic life skills before anything else can be learned. That includes the following: the alphabet, how to write, and the value of numbers.  Without those fundamental building blocks, people wouldn’t be literate nor able to reach a higher level of thought processing. A little later down the road, people are taught how to make words and what those words mean as well as the basics of math. But what do these teachers get for it all? Elementary school teachers on average get paid only $50,208 yearly. And high school teachers get paid around $61,660 yearly. 

Additionally, all teachers, despite what ages they teach, are gateways into topics and subjects that each person may be interested in or strive in. Without teachers, no one would be introduced to their prowess in math, art, or science. Teachers have the power to influence and inspire those around them to pursue their untapped potential, and possibly create future leaders of their regions. Each level of teaching just enhances the students’ self-awareness of what they like and what they may want to be a major part of their life. 

Thirdly, they, whomever your school teachers may be, can and most likely have taught you something that varies between how to be ok in your own skin, how to deal with difficult people, how to ask for help, and so many other things. The social and emotional life skills that teachers consistently help develop are greatly underestimated. Whether we as a society want to admit it or not, teachers have the most important job and are underappreciated. Just think, “someone had to teach that doctor how to read and do math and be a doctor!” 

In short, believe what you may but do not let these words hit ears too deafened by pride to hear. Consideration is all that is asked. And to all current teachers and former ones, who never really stopped teaching, here’s a big thank you for making the spread of knowledge your career. Humanity is in debt to you truly.