EP Musical Cast works hard for “Working”

This year’s unique musical focused on the working class and was streamed to an online audience

Evergreen Park Community High School performs many musicals throughout the year. This year the winter/spring musical was “Working.” “Working” is about trying to express yourself and receive acknowledgement for what you have worked hard for. 

Mrs.Kazin says that Working for her is “The quintessential celebration of the typical adult.” Working is the main part of a person’s life most likely, so expressing it is a very important thing and the reason why this musical was created. The diversity of composers that wrote these songs really is inspiring and helps create a wide range of views. Kazin loves to put musicals together. Her favorite part of putting any particular show together is the “Journey is different.” She really enjoys the rush that comes from making words impact lives in such a short time. Kazin says the best thing that helps with such big casts is communication. COVID was one of the main reasons she chose “Working” because of the less demand of a big cast. It also shows how people have to work even harder than normal to make it in this world we live in today. 

Vincent Colon felt that this show was “a very emotional and outgoing piece that helps focus on the accomplishments of the working class.” Colon’s favorite moment in this show is practicing the song “DELIVERY” because it is very energetic and uplifting. The reason he joined “Working” was to try to put himself in another person’s shoes.

Lela Washington has performed in one show at EP, but has worked on other shows offstage. She was very excited to be a part of this show. Her favorite moment was choreographing a dance with other cast members for the song “Brother Trucker.” “I wanted that feeling of performing for an audience and being a part of an amazing show.”

Taylor Hoefler said that “Working” is very inspirational. One person may tell you how tough and “grueling” their job is but to actually see and feel how they feel is intense. You go on a journey in these people’s perspectives in order to feel how they feel or see how they get by in life. Hoefler does not have a favorite moment but loved meeting so many new people in this show. She joined “Working” because she “loves Mrs. Kazin.” The auditorium is where Hoefler feels “completely comfortable and judgement free.” She states “Singing has always been a passion of mine.” 

Tristan Wagner has been a part of 8 shows at EP. He really enjoyed the emotional aspect of each song in this production and how much they vary. Wagner enjoyed meeting so many new people in this wonderful cast and becoming closer with his friends he already knew. His reason for first joining into theatre at EP was because his sister enjoyed being in them so much. 

Hope Michalek has been in 10 shows while attending EP. She loved the real life aspect of actually showing real events in this show. Michalek states, “Learning to connect with the characters I was playing was my favorite part.” She loves seeing shows finally piece altogether.