Culinary Arts Club Really Cooks

Culinary Club still gives students a chance to make meals with friends.


Mrs. Papasideris along with her culinary arts club students display the food they have made through Zoom. Looks like it smells delicious.

Mackenzie Telstad, Staff Writer

Culinary Arts club, a club that practices cooking skills, is the club for people who are interested in learning how to cook whether skilled or unskilled in it. Although COVID is going around, the wonderful Mrs. Papasideris, not only the sponsor of Culinary Arts Club but also the sponsor for the senior class of 2021 and a science teacher, has found a way to keep the students in the Culinary Arts Club actively participating. The students can join in person or blended, and obviously, with that, there are restrictions in place. The students who are attending virtually are allowed to make the meal at home and send in pictures to Mrs.Papasideris. 

Mrs.Papasideris stated, “It is different, but still quite enjoyable.” 

While a student participating in Culinary Arts club, Michael Noel, a freshman, had an opinion on the COVID friendly version of Culinary Arts Club. “I think a lot more people wouldn’t be struggling and I think it’s a good way to relieve stress and to learn the different types of food and cultures,Michael stated. 

Another freshman, Lukas Spain, also had a few words, “I joined Culinary Arts Club because I like cooking and thought it would be fun to do. I also thought I’d learn to cook more things than I already do… Mrs.P is also a really friendly teacher.” Lukas also added, “I think other people should join culinary arts club because it gives you the opportunity to learn how to cook and cooking is a good skill to have.”

Both of these students also stated how the COVID friendly adaptations of this club have affected it. Lukas mentioned how it would be more hands-on if it were not COVID friendly while Michael pointed out how the regulations for the blended model included standing across tables, 6 feet apart at all times, wearing a mask, and basically always washing your hands. With washing your hands, you should always be doing that though not just during COVID. 

If you’re looking for a fun club to join by yourself or with friends and classmates, Culinary Arts Club is definitely one to try! You can never go wrong with learning to cook tasty recipes!