Happy Retirement to Serene Dorgan: Registrar

A Q and A with EPCHS’s Retirees.


Grace Sisto & Ruby Mendoza, Staff Writers


  • What prompted you to pursue a career in guidance?
    • The previous registrar retired and she was already working at this school in the technology department. She thought she would like the job so she took the position as an opportunity for advancement.
  • How long have you worked at the school? Why?
    • 21 years
  • What stands out as your biggest accomplishment in your _ years with EP High?
    • The biggest accomplishment would be the leadership program. When she Mr. Schellenberger started the program they had just a handful of kids and now at their last retreat, they had 150 students participate. It was a rewarding experience to have seen it grow to what it is today.
  • What will you miss most about the job?
    • Because the people she works with are like family, she will miss them as well as being around the students. Since Ms. Dorgan sees the students come in as freshmen and graduate as a senior, she will miss seeing kids progress and do better for themselves. She will also miss the educated atmosphere with the new learning experiences.
  • What was the hardest part of your job over the years?
    • Learning to get better at multitasking was the biggest challenge since her job has a lot of things that go on for her. She has had to meet deadlines and do a lot of things that happen all at the same time. So the most challenging was to get all the work done and to do it well.
  • What advice do you have for the new/next registrar/administrative assistant?
    • She would like to see the next assistant to shine at making things easier for the students and families as they do all that they can to help them. Because it is a fun job, they should also have a passion for children so that it doesn’t seem like work.  
  • What are your plans for retirement?
    • Since there is no definite plan, she’ll most likely work part-time and come back and assist at the school with the new person. She also plans on spending time with her 10 grandchildren.
  • What would the students be surprised to find out about you?
    • She won first place as a racecar driver in a women’s race event. She is also a two-time breast cancer survivor. She loves watching movies, exercising, and helping others.
  • Is there a quote or a saying that you live your life by?
    • “Be kind, love unconditionally, and love your neighbor as yourself.”