NHS Lights the Way



Kayla Benson, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 13th, the National Honors Society had its annual Induction Ceremony, celebrating current and incoming members. Out of the 60 total members, 29 were returning members and 31 were new inductees. The ceremony began with an opening from President Kayla Benson about how a candle and life are related through the repetition of good eventually bringing light. Next, a slide show that expressed future plans, clubs, and awards for each senior member was presented by Mr. Sanderson and Mr. Nesler. An invocation by Kristopher Symanski followed. Throughout the night, various officers of National Honors Society spoke about the cardinal principles of the society which include Character, read by Secretary Isabella Villamil; Service, read by Treasurer Isabelle Haun; Leadership read by Vice President Henry Lee; and Scholarship, read by Hannah Rahm. Following, Tracy Crump shared ten important life lessons which included anecdotes about her experiences and how we should turn our passion into a career.

After the keynote address, the new inductees were called one by one, giving a flower to returning members and receiving a candle back, illustrating how they have a light they need to keep burning and eventually pass on. Taking a pledge to “uphold the higher purposes” of NHS, the new inductees formed a light tunnel with their newly acquired candles where the returning members got to pass between.

Senior Julie Frederickson says, “I’m incredibly proud of all new and current NHS members. The keynote speaker spoke of inspiring messages that all seniors will take with them after high school.” New inductee Katie Jacobson also notes that “the induction ceremony was an experience that could shape the rest of my life. It provided me with new tools to use as I navigate various challenges and decisions.“ Overall, this special night honored the academic leaders in the school and their families.