An Email Issue


Sarah Meyer

Sierra Spencer-Paredes read her email on her iPad.

Imani Sykes, Staff Writer

Evergreen Park High School experienced a major setback according to the disciplinary team, also known as the deans, regarding the email fiasco that occurred October 15th. A couple weeks back an EPCHS student decided to promote his music career by sending a school wide email to the student body sending his mixtape that is titled “Both Ways.” This caused a major uproar within the E.P. community and was “the talk” at several other local schools.

This controversial event prompted many people to express their thoughts and feelings about the situation through the school email. Due to the large amount of students that responded to the school wide email, this resulted in numerous students receiving an hour detention for their involvement in the email. Also several students were informed that they violated the technology contract that was signed at the beginning of the school year and these students ipads’ were confiscated and they were asked to come after school to talk about the incident in the lecture room where the iPads were eventually given back. Some students expressed their thoughts on how the punishment seemed to be a bit extreme regarding the hour detention.

However, I agree that the message sent was not an appropriate use of the school email. I also believe this was a great use of marketing skills for a student trying to distribute his music to a large group of people. I also feel like this event could prove to be beneficial and would be helpful for kids interested in the marketing industry. Will Evergreen Park High School view this as a beneficial event or as a major setback within the E.P. Nation?