Two Cents- First Impressions


Katie Hyland

Lockers decorated at EPCHS.

Ruby Mendoza, Staff Writer

This week students were asked “What was your first impression of our school? Why? How do you feel about the school now so far and why?”


Colin Brennan (junior):

EP seemed intimidating at first, but my peers all ended up being really nice. I think we have a welcoming school. With staff like MR KOVACS, THE BEST PSYCH TEACHER ON THE PLANET, this school is pretty great.”


Belle Haun (senior):

“When compared to Central Junior High, my first impression of EP was that it was so big and new. Right now, four years later, I feel that the school has shrunk, yet has still remained the same. I am very happy that the school is making improvements to the LRC for future students in particular! One improvement I would like to see is a gym upgrade, and not just a new paint job every other year.”


Jason Van Schaik (junior):

“My first impression of EP was really something else. When I first walked in I KNEW this school was absolutely legendary. I still feel the same way today. Go MUSTANGS!”